Kaduna state, DLO Energy to develop 30MW solar plant

Nigeria’s Kaduna State Governor, Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build lower-cost, utility-scale solar-electric generating facilities. The MoU was signed with DLO Energy Resources Group, a South African clean energy development company.

“We are very excited to work on this opportunity with our partners and the Kaduna state government. This project is a resounding opportunity for not only providing power in Kaduna but also fostering inter-African collaboration,” said DLO managing director and founder Linda Mabhena-Olagunju.

“This transaction is a good example of what African solution for African problems and more importantly it provides a real opportunity or infra African collaboration between South Africa and Nigeria.

“We are equally excited to see this project to fruition and believe there is a real opportunity to put renewable energy on the African map,” she said.

Said Abdulkareem Mayere, managing director of Kaduna Power Supply Company added: “We look forward to this project being built and creating real opportunity for the people of Kaduna state.”

Source: ESI Africa



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