The start-up Jirogasy has made a name for itself in Madagascar thanks to the solar solutions it offers in many communities and produces on site, particularly through the use of 3D printers. Based on its success, the young company intends to expand its activities in other countries through the creation of new plants on the continent.

How can the electricity access rate be increased? This is a question that arises throughout the African continent where more than 600 million people do not have access to electricity. In Madagascar, the problem is more serious since only 24% of the population has access to electricity according to the World Bank.

It is in this context that the start-up Jirogasy was born, the result of the collaboration between Yann and Lauric Kasay, two Franco-Malagasy men who did not hesitate to set up their small business on the big island. The two brothers decided to develop several solutions that are adapted to the realities of Madagascar’s rural areas.

Systems “made in Madagascar”

Jirogasy is currently developing several autonomous solutions using solar energy. First of all, it is its famous box that can supply energy to a household. Connected to a solar panel, this solution also has a storage system that allows the box to provide lighting after sunset.

It is also equipped with a socket for connecting devices, as well as integrated multimedia terminals for listening to radio or music in general. “To manufacture this kit in Madagascar, you cannot buy the components on site or place an order on the internet. In this context, we are adapting by manufacturing a large part of our products, in particular plastic components via 3D printing,” explains Yann Kasay, co-founder of Jirogasy.


Source: Afrik21