Japan’s JOGMEC establishes SA office for natural resource development in Africa

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation(JOGMEC) announced that it will establish an office in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa, on February 1, 2019. It will be the 14th overseas office for JOGMEC.

Africa is rich in available mineral resources that are expected to increase the demands with the growing use of electric vehicles, including cobalt, nickel, copper, platinum group metals and rare metals, as well as rich in available coal resource. The continent with high potentials in petroleum and natural gas, along with geothermal energy, has been increasing its significance in recent years as resource development becomes more active.

JOGMEC develops its business to pursue its mission of ensuring the security of stable supply of resources to Japan, and also to contribute to the development of the resource countries. JOGMEC is involved in a projesct of platinum group metals and chromium in South Africa and JV projects on mineral resources exploration in several countries in Africa, while financially and technically supporting the mining investment by Japanese corporations. In addition to the field of mineral resources, JOGMEC is involved in coal and natural gas development in Mozambique and geological and geophysical survey on petroleum in Kenya. As these cases show, Africa is expected to keep growing its significance in the world. JOGMEC has decided to establish its office in Johannesburg as its base to accelerate the business activities in Africa.

JOGMEC has already established the Geologic Remote Sensing Center in Botswana in 2008 and has been involving in technology transfer of satellite image analysis for mineral resource exploration and in human resources development for the member states of the Southern African Development Community(SADC) (Reference 1). By opening the Johannesburg office, JOGMEC will exert synergy effects with the Geologic Remote Sensing Center in human resource development and other areas, while further strengthening the relations with African countries and further ensuring the stable supply of resources to Japan.

Source: JOGMEC



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