Japan has decided to dispatch the third Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) Expert Team, which consists of 6members, to the Republic of Mauritius to deal with the oil spill from the bulk carrier “WAKASHIO” which has been stranded off the coast of the country since July 25th. The team will leave Japan on September 2nd to undertake on-site environmental assistance activities after arriving in the country.

1. The accident has caused serious damage to the environment in the Republic of Mauritius, which could have a serious impact on the country’s tourism industry as well. Japan has decided to dispatch the team out of comprehensive and holistic consideration of all circumstances, including the request of assistance from the Government of the Republic of Mauritius and the friendly relationship between the two countries.

2. Japan will continue to closely cooperate with the Government of the Republic of Mauritius as well as relevant countries and organizations, and make utmost efforts to contribute to the restoration of natural environment and the recovery of economic activities of the Republic of Mauritius.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan