Interstate Electrics Limited has readied itself to take over the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (Enugu DISCO) in compliance with National Council on Privatisation (NCP) ruling last Friday.

The sale of the Enugu DISCO has been contentious as Interstate Electrics and Eastern Electrics battled who has the right to buy the company. While Interstate was the preferred bidder, Eastern Electric, the reserved bidder, claimed Interstate had defaulted in many ways and the reserved bidder should be invited to buy the DISCO. Both companies threatened court action to have their way.

However, in a statement made available to LEADERSHIP, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Interstate Electrics Limited (Interstate), Mr Robert Dickerman, said the company was ready to leverage the capabilities of the Enugu DISCO to improve energy delivery and customer service, in furtherance of the President’s transformation agenda.

He said, “Our transformation of Enugu Disco to a world-class electricity distribution company will be anchored on three principles namely: integrity, customer service and performance.”  Dickerman added that Interstate’s mission is to ensure effective and efficient service delivery for the benefit of customers within its area of coverage.


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