PENGASSAN-Logo-4The Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria has called on the Federal Government to allow the roadmap for power generation and distribution to fully come on stream before contemplating a tariff increase.

PENGASSAN, in a statement made available to our correspondent on Monday, said any increase in electricity tariff would be rejected.

It said, “We watch with dismay and unbelief as the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission braces to implement its decision on pricing regime of electricity even as Nigerians groan under an irregular supply of the commodity nationwide.

“At a first glance, new observers and watchers of policy somersault and abuse in the country may be tempted to fall in line with the reasoning advanced by the chairman of the Nigerian electricity regulatory body, Dr. Sam Amadi. His argument, however, flies when considered with the objective realities on ground.”

The union said the situation on ground showed that even with the colossal amount that had been committed into power generation in the last 10 years, Nigeria, with over 160 million people, had only generated the highest output of 4,347 megawatts.

It, however, said Ghana, with a population of less than 25 million people, was generating 14,673MW; while South Africa, with a population of about 45 million people, was able to generate well over 42,000MW of electricity for its people.

“What South Africa generates is an amount 10 times more than the best our country has been able to generate with the entire outrageous amount so far spent in accumulating electricity for the use of the people,” PENGASSAN said.

The statement noted that corruption had been at the root of government’s inability to generate enough electricity for the people.

“We, therefore, charge the government to be more committed in its fight against this cankerworm and to do everything possible to give Nigerians a new lease of life and hope in the survival of this nation and its most disadvantaged population,” the union added.


Information from Punch was used in this report.