With local private involvement in the oil and gas sector of the national economy on the rise, Global Process and Pipeline Services (GPPS) Limited, wholly Nigerian Management owned company, is set to unveil its new infrastructure base in Port Harcourt as it broadens its reputation as a frontline oil services company, showcasing Nigerian indigenous capability on land, swamp and offshore terrains.

According to Engr. Obi Uzu, the company Managing Director, the facility will further enhance GPPS operational efficiency for a superior service quality delivery in line with the highest industry standards and best practices and in accordance with the tenets of ISO 9001:2015 with attestations pouring in for the young and dynamic company from such giants like Exxonmobil; Total, NLNG, Shell Companies in Nigeria just to mention a few.

“GPPS uses the best of equipment to offer services such as pipeline cleaning, de-oiling, hydro-testing, pipeline de-watering, drying and nitrogen services to the oil, gas and power industry. She is also involved in pressure pumping, nitrogen pumping, fluid pump support, lube oil flushing and high pressure water jetting and blasting services”, said Obi Uzu.

GPPS is the only Nigerian company focused solely on process and pipeline services with major projects completed in the deep-water applications in her product service line and has attracted the best hands in the industry from the multinationals to work for her with an expansion plan into other West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa countries.

Source: Oriental News