In Ghana, the task force set up to reform the electricity sector has started discussions with independent producers to find viable long-term solutions. The main subject of the discussions is the settlement of the $ 1.4 billion owed to producers by the government.

In Ghana, the Electricity Sector Recovery Task Force (ESRTF) has initiated talks with independent power producers operating in the country. The aim of these talks is to “find long-term sustainable solutions” for the sector.

“This is an important phase of the Electricity Sector Recovery Program (ESRP). The program will lead to the government’s industrialization agenda and support our economy by creating a more balanced and efficient electricity sector. We appreciate the cooperation of independent producers and their efforts and wish to continue this cooperation and this partnership in the long term, ” the ESRTF said in a statement.

The government owes $ 1.4 billion in arrears to independent producers for the payment of electricity supplied. The latter threaten to stop the supply of the country because of the delicate situation in which this delay in payment puts them.

The Ghanaian electricity sector experienced periods of massive power cuts in 2015. To get out of this, it signed several contracts for the construction of power plants with independent producers at prices considered today too high. According to the government, this high cost of energy produced is the basis of the $ 1.4 billion in arrears accumulated in the payment of producers.


Source: Agence Ecofin