An African mini-summit will bring together Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan tomorrow Tuesday to decide on the follow-up to the talks relating to the GERD hydroelectric dam. While the African Union is supporting the negotiations between the three parties, no significant progress has yet been made.

At the same time, several voices are raised to denounce, with satellite images in support, the start of filling the dam despite the absence of a regional agreement on the subject. After a few days of silence, Ethiopia finally came out of its silence to denounce these allegations. According to Seleshi Bekele, his Minister of Energy, the rise in the water level in the dam reservoir is due to the abundance of rains in recent weeks.

“The influx into the reservoir is due to heavy rains and runoff. It has exceeded the outgoing flow, thus creating a natural accumulation that will continue until the next release, ” said the manager on his twitter account.

The Sudanese Ministry of Water, for its part, maintains that the relevant agencies have measured the water level in the Blue Nile and that the latter has fallen. “It was evident from the flow meters of the Dimim border station that there was a drop in water levels, equivalent to 90 million cubic meters per day, which confirms the closure of the gates of the dam. the Great Renaissance, ” the ministry said.

In-depth investigations will be carried out, says Sudan while warning Ethiopia against any unilateral action until an agreement is reached on the dam. A warning which joins that of Egypt which warns against any Ethiopian action that could jeopardize its electricity supply.


Source: Agence Ecofin