Geogrid LighTec Limited and the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) are on course to make available alternative power supply to manufacturers, amid inadequate supply from the national grid. The Punch reports.

Manufacturers and other businesses in the country have over the years continued to rely heavily on diesel-powered generators for electricity but the recent sharp increase in the price of the Automotive Gas Oil (diesel) has pushed up their cost of production.

The Chairman, Geogrid LighTec, Mr. Emmanuel Ocholi, on the sidelines of a meeting with MAN on Tuesday in Lagos, said the company had the capacity to generate 30MW of electricity, adding that 10MW could be made available to the manufacturers.

The Director, Manufacturers Power Development Company Limited, and Chairman, Economic Policy, MAN, Mr. Reginald Odia, said the meeting was aimed at looking for the source of alternative power supply to manufacturers. Odia said based on the company’s presentation, the association was prepared to work with it.