solar panelIn a bid to grow the alternative power business in Nigeria, Simba Industries Limited, a division of Simba Group, has partnered with Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, a public listed company in India, to distribute and service the firm’s products in Nigeria.

Arun Saxena, vice president, international business, Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, said the company offers inverters and home UPS for different applications like housing and lifts, on line ups, solar hybrid inverters, solar pump inverters, solar stand alone solutions, MPPT charge controllers of different ratings.

“Genus is a name synonymous to excellence in research and development (R&D) and technology. Its portfolio includes paper (craft), electronic meters, power transmission and distribution projects for rural electrification, manufacturer of LCD/LED –TVs and washing machines.”

According to Saxena, the company has decided to introduce for the first time in Nigeria a six month’s pro-rata warranty on Genus batteries with immediate effect, to add confidence to Genus-Simba relationship in the minds of their customers.

He highlighted four distinct features of Genus products such as pure sine wave technology; 300 percent surge protection; auto sense intelligent control (ASIC) technology, which senses battery’s internal health; and uses input supply’s variation for battery charging; and true deep cycle batteries of 200 AH at ‘C-10’ rating, giving required back up on full load condition.


Information from Business Day was used in this report.