To improve on the provision of technology and infrastructure solutions, General Electric (GE) and XD Electric Group have announced the formation of a new partnership that combines GE’s grid automation capabilities with XD Electric’s comprehensive portfolio of primary high-voltage equipment.

According to the statement issued in Lagos, the partnership will expand GE’s capabilities as a leading provider of Transmission and Distribution solutions and creates a new global competitor to provide utilities and energy-intensive industries with high-voltage solutions.

Through the partnership, the two organisations will offer end-to-end transmission and distribution solutions to meet growing demand for electricity in these emerging economies where demographic and urbanisation trends are creating a need to build out the current grid infrastructure.

The statement further noted that it would enhance the operations of the proposed privatised Distribution Companies as power is rapidly evacuated and transported from the recently commissioned NIPP Power stations. Meanwhile, it is said that majority of the NIPP Power Stations are already using GE manufactured Generator Step-up Transformers, with provision for GE’s Monitoring and Diagnostics Smart Grid Solutions.

“The problems of transmission and distribution which has been the bane of power supply in Nigeria may soon become a thing of the past, going by the governments’ plan to explore building a 765 KV super grid. The GE and XD Electric partnership means that potentially both companies can leverage on their strengths and partner with relevant stakeholders to participate in this super grid project.

“The combination of GE’s and XD’s experience in high voltage Solutions will mean the possibility of building a transmission supergrid across long distances, up to 1,000 km, with minimal losses. With GE’s Intelligent Solutions, also, the challenges of “System Collapse” and capacity isolation currently being experienced in the country will be dealt with easily”, the statement added.

The General Manager for GE’s Digital Energy business across Europe Middle East and Africa, Luis Perez, said “in Africa, we are focused on grid expansion projects and greenfield network interconnections as we continue to create a modern power grid that is stable, resilient and energy efficient.”

He added that the high voltage capabilities, which XD brings to the table, will help GE’s utility customers to transmit power with minimal losses over long distances and rough terrains
The new partnership has three major components, which include; a joint venture (JV) with XD Electric to offer customers in China GE’s localised grid automation solutions and GE’s 15 percent equity stake in XD Electric alongside a seat on XD’s board.


Information from This Day was used in this report.