The nation’s electricity grid crashed significantly to a peak generation of 3,346 megawatts (mw) yesterday, hours after 27 turbines were deprived of generating 2,979mw because of poor gas supply and transmission line problems, the Daily Trust reports.

Industry statistics obtained from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) shows Monday’s peak electricity generation was 4,134mw with the lowest generation at 2,548mw.

Although an average of 4,000mw peak generation has been sustained, by yesterday the peak generation dipped to 3,346mw, the lowest in the last 23 days when the peak grid power dropped to 3,635mw on May 21, 2017.

The data breakdown on the 2,979mw power loss indicates that 1,762mw was lost to inadequate gas supply, 387mw to transmission lines and 830mw lost to the non-operation of DisCos’ feeders.