Gambia sees fuel prices increase

The pump price of Petrol and Diesel have increased twice since the beginning of 2019.

This was confirmed upon visiting three different petrol stations within the Kanifing Municipality by this reporter. Drivers has raised concerns on the increase and noted that the prices have been increasing since last year and that it does not commensurate with the fares they collect from commuters.

Dodou Conteh a pump attendant at a Petrol station located at Churchill’s town complained on the increase of prices without their knowledge. He said that the price of petrol was increased from D42 to D47 per litre and it was increased on the 1st April 2019 to over D50, likewise Diesel was increased for the first time to D51 and was increased on the 1st of April 2019 to D54 per litre. “We were not even aware of the increase of the price till the machine gave us a notification,” Dodou said.

He said they face a lot of difficulties coping with drivers especially the commercial drivers. “We are insulted by drivers every time the prices are increased,” he pointed out.

Dodou also said sometimes the drivers don’t give them enough money because they calculate the amount of petrol or diesel they will buy before they reach the petrol station. He added that he won’t blame the drivers because they’re not informed if prices have increased.

Bara Sabally a commercial driver with a fifteen passenger van also complained on how the increase of fuel price affects him as a driver. He said that the prices of petrol and diesel are expensive and it is not favourable to them, adding that when the prices of petrol and diesel are increased the transport fares are not increased and they will end up having little profit after struggling for the whole day.

Sabally said, “At least if they are increasing the prices we should be informed.” He cited that that there are lot of media houses that can be utilized to share the information. He said they are just inform at the time they buy fuel, by pump attendants which he believes is not a proper way of doing it. “D200 gas oil cannot take you from Brikama to Lamin twice, so where is the quality?” he lamented. Sabally pleaded to the government to help the drivers fix things in the right way.


Source: Foroyaa



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