Gabon’s SEEG halves the “non-standard” connection time to the electricity grid

In Gabon, the Energy and Water Company (SEEG) has started to modify the procedure for non-standard connection to the electricity network. The objective of these modifications is to reduce connection times, while reducing the procedure.

For illustration, the new provisions allow the customer to obtain a quote in 7 days, once his request is fulfilled. Initially, this deadline for sending the quote was 19 days. In the same vein, the time to connect to the networks is reduced to 15 days instead of 30, from the date of start of work by the agents of the electric company. In total, the time reductions made throughout the non-standard connection process reduce the total duration of the latter from 75 to 30 days.

Remember that the non-standard connection procedure is open to natural and legal persons whose premises are more than 30 meters from the last relay in the electricity network. Those who want an underground connection or who require a power greater than 36 W can also use this special procedure.


Source: Agence Ecofin



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