Nabrawind Technologies has announced that the first pieces for its wind power projects in Namibia and Morocco are getting ready. Nabrawind has developed a new transition piece specifically designed for turbines of 4 MW, 5 MW and 6 MW.

In June 2019, Nabrawind Technologies signed an agreement for the sale of its first Self-erecting Nabralift tower, which will be installed in Morocco and will become the tallest tower on the African continent with a hub height of 144 meters. The tower has a rated power of 3.6 MW.

In the Namibian wind farm, Nabrawind will implement an innovative tower with the Nabralift transition piece as the foundation. The self-erecting Nabralift tower (capable of overpassing 200 meters high) integrates a transition piece that joins its frame estructure and the standard tubular tower. The Transition Piece 2.0 is not just an update of the Nabralift transition. It also includes several advantages over the previous one.

In this project, the transition piece distributes the load through three points directly anchored to the rock subsoil. Thanks to this design, the concrete requirements are reduced by 95%, which saves approximately 1.000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Consequently, this new tower design is a very cost competitive alternative in wind farms where the concrete supply may represent a challenge

Firstly, its scalability to the rating of each turbine. The Transition 2.0 can handle higher loads without significantly increasing the cost of manufacturing. This guarantees the competitiveness of the Nabralift tower for the next decade.

Secondly, the Transition 2.0 is also logistic friendly as its modularity facilitates the transportation. In particular, this piece is also transported separately and assembled on site. Exactly as the other parts of a Nabralift tower. Finally, this piece reinforces Nabralift manufacturing capacity. For its characteristics, it is easier and quicker to manufacture, so it boosts the scale economy of Nabralift.

In detail, the new transition piece is 20 meters high and weighs between 120 and 150 tones, depending on the turbine loads, approximately. Its predecessor was just three meters high. This way, The Transition 2.0 also plays a role as one of the frames of Nabralift.


Source: AE Africa