First containers of materials for Niger-Benin pipeline arrive at Cotonou port

Containers of equipment for pipeline construction Niger-Benin arrived in the port of Cotonou , there are a few days , according to the Beninese authorities. And as these authorities specify, over the next few weeks, the ships will succeed one another at Cotonou, because a total of 500,000 tonnes of equipment will be received in this port area as part of this project.

This equipment, the first in a series, is made up of 164 kilometers of piping and various materials.

However, even if the equipment begins to be received, the actual launching of works on the Niger-Benin pipeline will take a few more months. This is because of the Coronavirus which will not allow the delivery of all the containers within the expected timeframe, according to the Beninese authorities.

This pipeline will allow Niger to export its oil internationally from the port of Sèmè , in Benin. It will measure around 2000 km.


Source: Agence Ecofin



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