Pipe lines-300x168The Nigeria Gas and Steel Limited has expressed its commitment to produce international quality standard steel pipes in the country, to buoy local participation in the industry.

The Managing Director of Nigeria Gas and Steel Limited (NGSL) made the commitment in a statement yesterday, said the company as been at the forefront of promoting indigenous quality steel pipes that parade special features that outweigh the imported products.

According to him, the advantages of using the hollow structural sections (heavy duty pipes) manufactured in the country are many and most important, it is made in Nigeria by Nigerians and available in quantities and sizes according to market demand.

He stressed that the steel pipes are appealing to the vision, easy to fabricate and cost saving.

Moukarim added that for the purpose of introducing the new concept of using Hollow Steel Pipe as a construction material, the company at different fora has met with Nigerian architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors to educate them about the product, which is widely used in other parts of the world.

He said, “Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) are truly the design material of the 21st Century and many contractors in the past one year who executed contracts for airport terminals, warehouses, churches, petrol stations, schools, shopping complex, bus-stops and bill boards used the heavy duty steel welded pipes manufactured locally by NGSL to fabricate the roofing and structural engineering aspects of the contracts”.

Moukarim said that gradually, the local steel structural contractors and fabricators have recognised the superior quality of pipes by Nigeria Gas and Steel, adding that they have realised all the products of thick steel pipes of different sizes such as 5”, 6”, and 8” pipes made from 4mm to 10mm steel and different shapes as round, square and rectangular.

He maintained that the products can favourably complete the fabrication jobs they had in hand instead of depending on the imported beams and sections, which are costlier and heavier, adding that the fabricators have won more contracts because the contractors solicited for the durable and quality pipes.

The steel pipes Moukarim said, have higher strength to weight ratio than other steel products and has excellent compression support characteristics due to its lighter weight compared to beams, saying pipes are recommended world wide for use as structural elements in building and other structures.


Information from The Guardian was used in this report.