The Manager, Business Development and Strategies, Green Power Oversees Limited, Mr. Olumide Aina, has said that the Federal Government should be blamed for the low investment in renewable energies and the lack of improvement in electricity supply in the country, The Nation reports.

He said had the Federal Government developed and maximised potential in the renewable energies that are at its disposal by increasing their investment, power supply would have improved in the country. He spoke on the sidelines of a seminar organised by Green Power in Ikeja. He added that the failure of the government to provide a conducive environment for it is affecting investments in renewable energies, such as solar and biomass.

He said efforts of the government to improve activities in solar and other renewable energies had been frustrated by the political climate. According to him, it is obvious that the government is not interested in improving investment in that sub-sector of the power sector in view of its non-challant attitudes. He, however, said the Private-Public Partnership (PPP) model would help in increasing investment in renewables if it’s well-packaged and implemented.