Ethiopia has secretly started filling the Great Renaissance dam despite the continuation of negotiations between the three countries according to Egypt Independent . If the information has not been confirmed by the authorities, it would be confirmed by a satellite image taken by the University of Cairo.

According to Egyptian and Sudanese sources, Ethiopia has secretly started filling the Great Renaissance dam (6,450 MW) built on the Nile. The Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources has reportedly received a report indicating that its neighbor has started filling the reservoir despite the ongoing negotiations between the three countries.

Ministry spokesman Mohamed al-Sebaei said, however, that there is no verified information on the subject. However, says EgyptIndependent, a professor at Cairo University has provided a satellite image showing the start of filling. The leader of the Sudanese Forces for Freedom and Change said that the start of the refill was behind the water shortages experienced by Sudan in the month of July.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently said that the country would start filling the dam to take advantage of the long rainy season and that it would have no negative impact on Egypt.

In the meantime, the Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation has issued a statement in which it states that the settlement of technical and legal disagreements over the filling of the dam is essential. Negotiations have continued for four days with the participation of observers from the African Union, the European Union, South Africa and the United States.


Source: Agence Ecofin