In South Africa, Eskom, the national electricity company, plans to postpone for several years the final closure of its three oldest coal-fired power stations in order to maintain the country’s electricity production capacity. It therefore plans to postpone the closure of the Grootvlei, Camden and Hendrina plants to 2030, according to a document submitted to the Center for Environmental Rights.

“Due to constraints related to production capacity and to allow the other plants to undergo the planned maintenance, we decided to continue operating Grootvlei, Camden and Hendrina (4,600 MW of combined capacity, editor’s note) and to close them by 2030. Investigations are underway into the standards to be met in this context, ” the company said in a statement.

This decision, if implemented, could postpone the country’s achievement of the climate targets. Recall that South Africa currently produces more than 90% of its energy from coal.


Source: Agence Ecofin