Although the ‘ appearance of coronaviruses has affected the implementation of many projects ‘ hydrocarbons in the world, Noble said his Alen gas project in Equatorial Guinea will, as expected production in 2021. Financial operations are underway to ensure this.

The American company Noble Energy, which operates on the Alen gas project in Equatorial Guinea, has announced that despite the market disruptions caused by Covid-19, the project will start well next year. Noble Energy has, in fact, taken up hedging positions on the markets in order to guarantee its global revenues and ensure the investments in gas planned for 2021 and 2022.

The gas Alen is a major project which will play a leading role in the construction of ‘ a new LNG hub in ‘ offshore countries ‘ Central Africa. Natural gas from the field will be processed in the LNG and LPG Punta Europa on Bioko off and ‘ routing will be via a pipeline of 65 km under construction.

Gross capital expenditures are estimated at $ 330 million for the various partners.


Source: Agence Ecofin