To sustain the growth profile of alternative energy systems like solar power, an expert has stressed the need for the deployment of effective and quality energy storage systems like batteries, The Guardian reports.

The Founder and Executive Director of Greenicles Solar, Lanre Okanlawon said; “Because solar panels generate electricity only when exposed to sunlight, they are heavily reliant on an energy storage medium to store the power generated during the day for use at night. This is where batteries become very essential for solar power applications.”

He recalled that there had been much development in battery energy storage for solar power applications globally. “Batteries have been found to ease the deployment of solar to both the most advanced societies and the most remote parts of the world’ he said.

According to him, batteries make up, at least, 40 per cent of the total material cost of a typical solar power system in Nigeria, that is, an off-grid or hybrid solar electricity system. He added that in 2016, battery energy storage systems installed by Greenicles Solar across Nigeria stored more than 30 megawatt-hours of electricity.