In recent weeks, there has been an increase in repeated and more or less prolonged cuts. What is going on ? When will we see a complete return to normal? ” That’s the question qu’Eneo Cameroon, company in charge of marketing of electricity in Cameroon, laying its new CEO Eric Mansuy (photo), in a recent interview published on its website and relayed by Invest in Cameroon .

DG response: “  Several reasons are at the origin of this situation for which we express our regret to our customers. First, there is the degraded financial situation of the company. The electricity sector in general is experiencing an acute liquidity crisis. For Eneo, these are serious cash flow tensions, due to huge unpaid bills, which prevent us from honoring all of our commitments to our suppliers. The most visible consequence is reflected in the difficulties encountered in the daily supply of fuel to our thermal power plants, causing sporadic load shedding which is harmful to our customers, and more generally to the country’s economy  . ”

According to Eric Mansuy, in addition to cash strains, there is the scarcity of wooden poles used in particular for breakdown repairs. In question, the precarious security situation in the North-West, region where Eneo drew all its raw material. As a result, pole production fell by more than 90%. “  Eneo has seized the public authorities, through the ministry in charge of Forests, which has given its agreement in principle for the sustainable exploitation of certain reserves of eucalyptus in the West  ”, nevertheless tries to reassure the DG.

Pending the completion of this option, Mr. Mansuy informed that the company is in the process of deploying its post-mix strategy. It consists of reintroducing the concrete and metal posts alongside the wooden posts. In this sense, says the manager, Eneo has hired and supported six local companies for the manufacture of concrete poles in order to strengthen and secure the electrical network.


Source: Agence Ecofin