The peat power plant under construction in Gisagara District, is expected to start production by April 2021, an official in charge of national power projects has said.

The project, launched in 2017, is expected to increase national energy production capacity by up to 40 per cent.

“Actually, had it not been for various disruptions due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we would have got power before end 2020,” Théoneste Higaniro, the Head of Power Generation Projects at REG/EDCL who overseas projects including peat, methane gas, hydropower, solar and others said.

“But our assessments during meetings with the constructor indicate that now, we expect power before, or latest, in April 2021.”

By and large, Higaniro noted that as regards the project’s overall progress, engineering works are at 99.1 per cent, procurement and logistics at 99.82 per cent and construction on site at 92.83 per cent, with overall progress at 96.7 per cent.

According to the current construction schedule, the power plant’s commercial operating date, he said, is April 2021.

“Currently the power plant contractor has started testing individual equipment.”

Initially, in May 2017, officials indicated that construction was expected to be completed in 36 months, implying the project would have started supplying power by, at least, May 2020.

The 80MW plant, is expected to increase electricity connectivity rate among Rwandan households, which currently stands at 52.8 per cent. The country targets universal electricity connectivity by 2024.

Of the connected people, 38.5 per cent are connected to the national grid and 14.3 percent access electricity through off-grid systems (mainly solar), according to Rwanda Energy Group (REG).

Currently, Rwanda generates 221MW and it targets 512MW by 2024.

However, growth in supply is projected to outstrip demand, which is currently estimated at 140MW, according to Rwanda Energy Group.


Source: New Times