The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Eko Electricity Distribution Company Plc, Mr Adeoye Fadeyibi, while speaking in an interview noted that the Disco was making the best efforts at ensuring all its customers were metered and was also happy with the Meter Asset Provider regulations.

On the issue metering he said; “I believe this is a nationwide challenge. Yes, we have not provided meters to all our customers but we have an aggressive meter roll-out plan. We have 495,000 customers and we have fully provided meters to 240,000 customers. We have installed 100,000 meters since 2013 in spite of the constraints that we face. In my opinion, it is good news that the government has come up with the Meter Asset Provider regulations; it means that we can roll out a lot faster.”

“There is now a plan to roll out to more people quicker and have the investment to detect electricity theft, so that people will not have to pay more. We are working smoothly as far as the process that was laid out is concerned. We are definitely missing most timelines set. There has been an extension of deadlines to meet requirements that haven’t been met.”

Source: The Punch