Domestic Gas Supply Obligation (DSO), an initiative of the Federal Government to meet national demand, is achieving the desired result with the level of compliance by oil producing firms rising to 40 per cent this year, The Nation reports.

Before now, the level of compliance by oil firms was very low. According to the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), between 2008-2013, DSO compliance was about 23 per cent, by 2016 it rose to 38.18 per cent and currently stands at 40 per cent.

DPR’s Deputy Director/Head, Upstream, Mrs. Pat Maseli, stated this at the 10th annual sub-Saharan Africa Oil and Gas conference holding in Houston, Texas. She said DSO was assigned annually to all gas producers pursuant to the National Domestic Gas Supply Obligation & Pricing Regulations 2008 to determine the gas demand or the national gas requirement annually and evaluate utilisation along the gas value chain, among others.