Den Bosch social start-up to electrify 1 million households in Nigeria

Rural Spark, a social start-up from Den Bosch, and SmartPower Nigeria set out to electrify around one million un-electrified households in the west-African country within the next five years.

With the rapidly growing population in Nigeria, the country is expected to surpass countries like the United States, Indonesia and Brazil in the next 30 years if it comes to population. “The majority of this population growth is expected to happen among those households with poor access to electricity”, Rural Spark says in a press release.

SmartPower Nigeria is a part of First Independent Global, active in several sectors in Nigeria. Located in Lagos, FIG SmartPower Limited is lighting up Nigeria through providing access to the solution by Rural Spark. The company seeks to ultimately provide energy for the whole country.

Rural Spark is a social enterprise founded in the Netherlands and with regional offices in Africa and Asia. It focuses on smartly distributed plug & play energy networks. Its solution is innovative yet simple, at the heart of which is a router that smartly manages someone’s energy needs. It allows to power devices and automatically stores surplus energy.

Source: Innovation Origins



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