West African Exploration & Production (WAEP), a joint venture of Nigerian independent First E&P and Dangote Industries, is seeking a reservoir specialist’s help to ensure production starts up later this year from the abandoned Kalaekule field, according to Upstream.

A recent tender stated; WAEP hereby announces to interested and pre-qualified companies an upcoming tendering opportunity for the Provision of Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT) Analysis and Sampling Studies in Kalaekule Field for WAEP. The proposed Contract will commence in Q, 2020, and remain active for two (2) years duration with an option of one (1) year extension option.

The scope of work for the planned PVT Analysis and Sampling Studies shall involve a comprehensive reservoir fluid analysis with a view to obtaining reservoir fluid properties necessary to characterize and predict reservoir performance. This is required in order to maximize the economic recovery from such oil/gas reservoirs. The studies include full PVT Study for Black Oil, Volatile OIL, Gas Condensate Wet/Dry Gas, Water Analysis as well as Natural Gas Liquids Analysis.