Dangote Oil Refining Company Limited has said the installation of equipment for the crude oil refinery being built in Lagos will begin this month, The Punch reports.

The Head, Quality Assurance/Quality Compliance and Construction, DORC, Mr. Rama Putta, said that the 650,000-barrels-per-day refinery would come on stream by September 2019. According to him, the basic engineering work has reached 98% completion; the detailed engineering, 90%; 3D modelling, 80%; long lead items ordering, 100%; bulk plates ordering, 90%; equipment and bulk items, 50%; and construction activities, 25%.

He said the sand filling of the site was completed six months ago, adding that 60% of the land was swampy. Putta said bringing the land to three metres above the mean sea level was the biggest challenge, adding, “The sand is tightly compacted and ready for the erection of the equipment…We will start erecting the refinery equipment in a week or 10 days’ time, and it will take about 15 to 20 months.”

According to him, the company will also begin the trading of petroleum products next year ahead of the completion of the refinery. He said the company would complete the construction of the refinery’s trading facilities in 2018 and test them by selling imported petroleum products for one year. The facilities include storage tanks, loading gantries and single point moorings as well as pipelines.