The outbreak of coronavirus and the upward review of Value Added Tax are militating against the supply of meters, the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company has said.

The Head, Branding and Corporate Communications, IBEDC, Angela Olanrewaju, said this during a sensitisation programme in Ibadan on Wednesday.

According to Olanrewaju, the current lockdown of the global economy as a result of the killer virus made it difficult for the Meter Asset Providers handling the importation of meters to ship in the product.

Olanrewaju said, “You will recall that last year, we signed on some Meter Asset Providers. They were supposed to bridge the metering gap in the sector.

“Part of the challenges we have is that in the whole world, the economy is on lockdown. They cannot even bring meters from China. You know that China is one of the major manufacturers of meters.

“That is a challenge for our Meter Asset Providers. It is hindering them from meeting their obligations to customers. The effect of coronavirus is felt in this regard.

“We all know that the coronavirus has economic implication on virtually all areas. So, our Meter Asset Providers that are importing meters cannot bring them in; there is nothing happening in China now, so to speak.

“We are praying that this coronavirus pandemic is going to be over soon and then meters can come in.”

She advised members of the public to be patient with the company, stressing that the MAP services had not been cancelled.

Olanrewaju added that the new VAT regime was a big challenge that was mitigating against ease of metering within the company’s coverage areas.


Source: Punch