In Cameroon, the Memve’élé dam is slow to supply the grid with its 211 MW, because of the blocking of construction work on energy transport infrastructure by populations claiming their compensation. The promises of the authorities in the energy sector have calmed down, however.

The populations of Nsimalen recently opposed the construction of pylons in the locality of Nkolzock, as part of the construction of the electricity transmission line between Nyabizan, a locality which houses the Memve’élé dam, and Yaoundé, the capital of the country, teaches us Invest in Cameroon .

According to the government daily, Cameroon Tribune , which reveals this information, these populations are claiming their expected compensation for 7 years. Finally, after the assurances given by the general manager of Electricity Development Corporation (EDC), who came to the scene for a conciliation, the protesters promised not to interfere in the conduct of the work.

The completion of the electricity transmission line between Nyabizan and Yaoundé conditions the full operation of the Memve’élé dam power plant. Indeed, of the 211 MW expected from this infrastructure, between 80 and 90 MW, depending on the sources, are currently debited and injected into the national electricity grid, due to the delay in the construction of the transmission line.


Source: Agence Ecofin