gas-flare-nigeria-akinleye4-gaThe quest by the Federal Government to end gas flaring would soon yield better results, as Clarke Energy, said it has employed containerised gas engines for the production of power using the flared gas.

Clarke Energy is an independent company which specialises in engineering, installation and maintenance of power plants utilising gas engines.

The company argued that if effectively deployed, the technology is capable of converting flared gas to generate power for local areas, as well as reduce emissions coming to the atmosphere. It would also convert waste products into useful energy source.

The Group Marketing Manager of the company, Mr. Alexander Marshall, said the technology would impact positively on the Nigerian oil and gas industry by reducing gas flaring and enhancing the quality of life of the people living in the Niger Delta region.

“You flared this gas before, now you can convert it into money. It becomes a resource for the country and a lot of industries can spring up in a community that has not gotten power. Also, peoples’ lives would be enhanced because small businesses that rely on power to run can now start coming alive again. It is not something that would be unpredictable, as far as the gas is there the power is there. It would impact positively on the economic life of the communities and people living in those areas,” he said.

Marshall said the company has significant experience in a wide range of renewable and high-efficiency gas applications including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and coal gas, adding that the company is committed to delivering high quality installations, as well as providing reliable, accountable, long term maintenance support for gas generation equipment.

According to him, the company had embarked on renewable energy and high efficiency generation through combined heat, power and coal mine facilities capturing gas which would otherwise have escaped to the atmosphere.

He said the engine capacity ranges from 330 kilowatts, kw, to 9.5 mega watts, mw, as a single unit, and could do projects up to 1mw to 50mw, adding that the engine has been designed to the highest standards putting the environment into consideration.


Information from Vanguard was used in this report.