Chevron Nigeria Limited has called on the people of oil-rich Kokodiagbene community, Delta State, currently at loggerheads with it over electricity supply, to seek implementation of their demand under the Federal Government’s gas-powered mini-Independent Power Project (IPP), for riverine communities, Vanguard reports.

General Manager, Policy Government and Public Affairs, Chevron, Mr. Esimaje Brikinn, stated this in his reaction to the agitation by the community which threatened, last week, to occupy the oil company’s Otunana flow station.

Brikinn said: “We are aware of the commitment (through an MoU) of the Federal Government, represented by NNPC, to provide electricity through a gas-powered mini- Independent Power Project to cater for some communities in the riverine areas of Delta State, including Kokodiagbene. “We expect Kokodiagbene community through the EGCDF, to seek the implementation of the terms of the MoU,” he said.