In Cameroon, the start-up Ndoto has developed a smart electric meter that can geolocate electricity consumers and reduce fraud. This innovation will allow users to turn their meters on and off remotely, pay bills via mobile payment.

Based in Douala, the Cameroonian economic capital, the start-up Ndoto Sarl announces that it has just completed the development of smart electric meters, after 5 years of research. According to the promoters of this start-up, this find is adapted “to the challenges of managing energy distribution in Cameroon  ”.

“  Our solution allows us both to optimize the operating costs linked to the management of energy distribution and to monitor our own electricity consumption, through our mobile application  ,” says Wolf Njitia, co-founder of Ndoto. Sarl. Concretely, the solution of this start-up makes it possible to digitize invoicing, geolocate electricity consumers and therefore reduce fraud.

Thanks to these smart meters, we learn, energy consumers will be able to access their consumption in real time, turn their meters on and off remotely, pay their bills via mobile payment platforms instantly and receive alerts. on their mobiles before any interruption in service.

The innovation of this start-up comes at a time when Eneo, the concessionaire of the public electricity service in Cameroon, is experimenting with the first smart meters on its network. This has the effect of limiting fraud responsible in 2018 for 20% of energy losses in distribution in the country, i.e. around 200 megawatts.


Source: Agence Ecofin