Cameroon seeks consultants to help develop electricity distribution master plan

A call for expressions of interest has been announced to pre-qualify a consulting firm that will be responsible for the development of a study to optimise the evacuation of electricity generating facilities in the framework of the Master Plan Production Transport Distribution of Electricity.

The services consist of the production of the preliminary design (APS), the detailed design (PDA) and the preparation of the tender documents (DAO) for: i) the completion of the closures transport network around generating stations to supply underserved communities; (ii) the construction of two new solar power plants in the following cities:

Tcholiré (to serve the localities of Taparé, Larki, Poli),

Kousséri (to better serve the localities of Makari, Goulfey, Fotokol).

As well as the construction of two new hybrid power plants in the North West and East regions, particularly in the following cities: Kumbo and Batouri.

Participation in this solicitation for interest is restricted to consulting firms with proven international experience in the field of power generation and transmission.


For more see: ESI Africa



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