Cameroon requires additional storage capacity of 108,000 m3 of white products and 15,000 MT of gas

According to a recent report by the Technical Rehabilitation Committee (CTR) of public and parapublic sector companies, the storage capacity of the Cameroonian Oil Depot Company (SCDP) is not regulatory. To date, indicates the CTR, the SCDP security stocks are 110,000 m 3(i.e. 20 days of autonomy instead of 30 statutory days) while the tool stocks are 55,000 m 3(i.e. 10 days of autonomy instead of the 15 statutory days).

“In accordance with the regulations, the emergency stocks also called strategic stocks, established by the public authorities to deal with a serious disruption in supplies, should be 30 days of autonomy (155,000 m3 of petroleum products), while tool stocks are located at 15 days of autonomy (83,000 m 3 ) and commercial stocks at 10 days of autonomy (51,000 m 3 )  ”, reports the CTR.

Consequently, indicates the CTR, the needs in terms of strengthening the storage capacity of the SCDP amount to 108,000 m 3for white goods (petrol, diesel, kerosene, etc.) and 15,000 metric tonnes (MT) for LPG or domestic gas. “  The priority would be to build 35,000 m3 of reserves in Douala first, then 30,000 m3 in Yaoundé, secondly  ,” reveals the Committee.

In 2019, the SCDP launched a process of selection of companies for a project to build two 10,000 m 3 storage tanksdiesel each, in its depots in Yaoundé and Bafoussam, respectively the political and regional capital of the West. At this time, it is unclear at what stage the process has reached.


Source: Agence Ecofin



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