Power outages are still a recurring problem in Cameroon, as this report from Eneo shows. The country’s leading electrical operator ranked the lines with the most power outages in the first quarter of the year.

ballast classification

The Mbouda – Dschang line suffered the most cuts, followed by that of Biyem-Assi – Obili in Yaoundé, then that of St Michel – Tergal – Nylon – New town – Brazzaville – Bonaloka – Aéroport inter Douala – Zone Aéroport. The D34 line Sangmélima the 4 th most affected.

Lines D32 (Kribi) and D33 (Tiko) are also regularly hit by interruptions in energy supply. Eneo evokes inter alia damage to cables and transformers , and is working to resolve the problem by deploying its breakdown teams.


Source: Agence Ecofin