Blockchain rapidly becoming oilfield cybersecurity standard

As cybersecurity threats to the oil and gas industry have grown exponentially, various strategies have been deployed to safeguard companies’ computer and control systems. One new technology in particular, blockchain, has emerged as a highly innovative and effective solution. Blockchain is redefining oilfield cybersecurity.

The ever-increasing onslaught of security threats has driven a major shift in executive thinking, with cybersecurity risk now recognized as a real and significant issue, not merely a periodic inconvenience. Awareness of cyber risk has grown across a wide spectrum of companies globally. Consciousness of the immediacy and seriousness of cyber risks is closely linked to oilfield digitization. This requires sophisticated security platforms with the ability to protect interconnected devices and automated industrial control systems (ICS).

Employing a tamperproof, self-healing, self-replicating and highly redundant blockchain-protected cybersecurity system provides the oil and gas industry with many unique benefits. With blockchain resolving vital cybersecurity issues, such as remote access, role-based access control, password rotation and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) fingerprinting, there is little wonder blockchain is becoming the new standard to protect the oil and gas industry.

Source: World Oil



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