The solar energy company BBOXX has just unveiled its new product, the bPower20 intended for low consumption customers. The latter, which will be available quickly in its 4 main markets, has the particularity of being more affordable, reliable, durable and efficient.

Solar solutions provider BBOXX has just launched a new product to make electricity more accessible. Called bPower20, the system was created to serve rural households and microenterprises, which consume very little energy. “This affordable product comes with a 20 W solar panel and daily use of up to 51 watt hours. New lithium battery technology has higher energy density with the ability to store more energy. It is optimized for a lifespan of up to six years, ” the company said in a statement.

The bPower20 will be marketed initially in Rwanda, Kenya, DRC and Togo. The other markets in which the company operates will be served by 2021. It will be distributed on a pay-per-use basis via mobile payment methods.

BBOXX, which hopes to expand its market segment in this way, claims to have enabled more than 87,000 people to undertake economic activity thanks to its products. “At BBOXX, we’ve always been driven by our mission to end energy poverty in the world. Thanks to a decade of experience and learning, we can now develop a product that is even more affordable, reliable, durable and efficient, ” said Christopher Baker-Brian, company co-founder and director of the product division.


Source: Agence Ecofin