A community in Bayelsa State, Agoro 1, has accused Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of neglecting them after an oil spillage.

Lead Consultant to the community, Furoebi Akene, said in a statement that Shell’s failure to proffer solution to the situation, constituted environmental and human rights abuses against them. He accused the firm of harassing and intimidating them to compel the people to sign a Joint Investigation Visit (JIV) report, which it surreptitiously prepared without considering the realities on ground.

Akene disclosed that the spill occurred around Agoro section of the Trans Ramos pipeline in May 2018, while and the joint investigation visit took place from May 25 to 29, 2018. He explained that the JIV report showed that the incident was caused by instrument failure, which is the rupture of pipe as a result of corrosion.

He added that the crude oil spilled into Ramos River, creeks and swamps across a large expanse. Spokesman for SPDC, Bamidele Odugesan, who acknowledged the incident, said they had recovered over 95 percent of the spilled oil from the sections of the Trans Ramos Pipeline in Aghoro, as well as from Odimodi community in Delta State.

Source: The Guardian