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Argus Media is proud to announce Argus Africa LPG 2015, which will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, on 20-21 October.

The 2015 conference will offer a pan-African platform for LPG professionals from north, west, east and southern Africa to address the real hurdles preventing LPG penetration across the continent and involving government leaders and industry figures in the discussions.

Acting supporting partners, WLPGA (World LPG Association), NLPGA (Nigeria LPG Association), SAPIA (South African Petroleum Industry Association), SAOGA (South African Oil & Gas Alliance) and LPGSASA (LPG Safety Association of Southern Africa) are helping to raise the profile of the African energy infrastructure as an investment model. Avedia Energy has already been confirmed as sponsor for the event.

Advisory board members and speakers consisting of commercial, scientific, industrial and municipal figureheads helped shape the structure of the two-day programme, including Dayo Adeshina, President of the Nigerian LPG Association, Sheila Addo, Head of Planning and Research of the National Petroleum Authority (Ghana), Michael Kelly, Deputy Managing Director of the WLPGA, and representatives from other authorities from across the African and global LPG landscape.

Argus Africa LPG 2015 expects to play host to a similar demographic as last year’s event in Cape Town South Africa; with Oryx Energies, Petredec, Department of Energy, Total, Easigas, Rubis Energy, Strategic Energy, Energy Regulatory Commission, Transnet Port Authority and several high-profile suppliers, traders, refiners, industry associations, and chemical and equipment providers arriving from Africa and the Middle East. Businesses from Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific will also be strongly represented.

The full agenda, list of attendees, exhibitors, registration and sponsorship details will soon be available on the Argus Africa LPG 2015 webpage.

Energy Mix Report is an official media partner of the Argus Africa LPG 2015 conference, providing regular updates on speakers, exhibitors and sponsors pertaining to the conference. To get involved, please contact Argus directly on +44 (0) 20 7780 4341 or at [email protected].