Angola’s Health Minister evaluates ability of oil sector to cope with COVID-19

In Angola, Sílvia Lutucuta, the Minister of Health made a raid this morning in the oil basin of Cabinda, in the north of the country, to assess the measures adopted by companies to prevent the spread of the pandemic of coronavirus.

After a few hours of platform visits, she said she was satisfied with the promptness of the companies and invited them to be more vigilant. A crisis unit has been set up in the Soyo region of Zaire province, another important oil region in the country. Since petroleum activities are very important in these areas, the State has decided to provide special care for oil platforms in the event of contamination.

The official assured that the ministry is working on the mobilization of human resources, technical means and the preparation of appropriate conditions for the treatment of any infected citizen.

The country does not count any case of contamination at the moment, even if seven people are suspected of carrying the virus. The situation will be clearer over the weekend, she adds.


Source: Agence Ecofin



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