Algeria’s Sonelgaz to send electricity and gas bills by SMS

In Algeria, customers of the National Electricity and Gas Company (Sonelgaz) will soon receive their invoice by phone message (SMS). “An operation is underway to allow Sonelgaz customers to receive their invoice by SMS,” announced Mustapha Guitouni (photo), the Minister of Energy.

This measure is part of the process of digitizing its operation, particularly as regards the development of the public service and the modernization of its services. Thanks to this transformation, customers will, among other things, know the amount of their bills by calling a toll free number managed by four centers located in Algiers, Oran, Constantine and Annaba.

“These centers will also allow clients to submit their benefit requests with a single call for immediate, interactive processing; sparing them a move to commercial and technical agencies. “, said the minister, stating that these various measures are aimed at the retention of the company’s clientele.

Source: Africazine



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