Algeria’s state-run utility, Sonelgaz, allocated 2.5 billion Algerian dinars ($20 million) to develop the electricity distribution network of the wilaya of El Oued.

This funding is being used to implement an emergency program that was launched in 2013 and carried out in 30 municipalities. It has enabled the installation of 470 aerial and terrestrial transformers, as well as the installation of 640 km of medium and low voltage power lines.

For the current year, 340 million Algerian dinars will be devoted to the installation of eight transformers in seven communities. Five new high voltage lines of 30 kV over 77 km will be installed.

All of these projects will improve the distribution network in order to remedy the disturbances experienced by certain residential areas. They will also contribute to the acceleration of the country’s industrial investment dynamic, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and the extension of irrigated land.


Source: AE-Africa