Algeria plans to get a new solar photovoltaic complex underway to diversify its energy mix to contribute to meeting national energy demand and freeing up more of its petroleum resources for export along with preserving national reserves for the future.

The new project, dubbed Tafouk 1, will require an investment of between $3.2 and and $3.6 billion, according to the Ministry of Energy.

Officials held a virtual meeting on in late May, where it was decided the project will involve construction of several photovoltaic solar power plants over an area of about 6,400 hectares with a cumulative capacity of 4,000 MW. Construction is expected to begin this year and run through 2024.

The facilities are projected to create over 56,000 jobs during the construction phase and 2,000 jobs during the operational phase.

Algeria’s Minister of Energy, Mohamed Arkab, commented: “This project will enable us to position ourselves on the international market by exporting electricity at a competitive price, as well as exporting the know-how we have acquired.”


Source: AE Africa