Algeria plans to build several solar power plants worth between $ 3.2 billion and $ 3.6 billion for export and domestic consumption. According to Abdelaziz Djerrad, the Prime Minister of the country, these plants will have a combined capacity of 4000 MW.

Algeria, one of Europe’s main suppliers of gas, has affirmed for several years its desire to diversify its energy mix. The country currently produces 98% of its energy from gas. Solar energy, for which the country has abundant resources, supplies only 2% of the electricity produced in the country.

“In addition to enabling us to meet national demand and preserve our fossil resources, this project will position us on the international energy market,” said Abdelaziz Djerrad.

The country, which has been under financial pressure since the fall in oil prices, has also announced a drop and a postponement of investments in several sectors, including hydrocarbons.


Source: Agence Ecofin