In Burkina Faso, the Yeleen rural electrification program obtained funding of € 75 million from AFD. The funds will be used to build 4 solar power plants with a combined capacity of 51 MW, which will increase the national electric power by 9%.

The French Development Agency (AFD) has just allocated € 75 million to Burkina Faso to finance its electricity sector. The funds, which consist of credits and € 4.9 million in donations, will go to benefit the Yeleen Rural Electrification Program.

They will allow the construction of solar power plants with a total capacity of 51 MW which will strengthen the national electric power. A 42 MW power plant will thus be installed in Ouaga Nord-Ouest. Dori will host a 6 MW infrastructure. A 2 MW plant will be built in Diapaga and another 1 MW in the locality of Gaoua. The initiative also involves the establishment of storage capacities with a capacity of 10 MWh.

The objective of the Yeleen program is to increase the electric power by 90 GWh each year, the equivalent of 9% of the national production capacity.

Yeleen is funded at 53% by AFD, 34% by AfDB and 6% by the European Union. The National Electricity Company of Burkina Faso (Sonabel) will provide 4% of the funding and the Burkinabé State, the remaining 3%.


Source: Agence Ecofin