The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), on Tuesday signed a contract pact of $3.7 million‎ with ZTE Nigerian LTD, for the supply of 30,000 pre-paid meters to ensure a proper billing system, while ensuring greater transparency in energy transactions with its consumers, Business Day reports.

Ernest Mupwaya, the Managing director of AEDC, said; “The AEDC it would be recalled, had ‎earlier this year procured 30,000 pre-paid meters. Just last week, we procured another 60,000 with MOJEC metering company. If we we add today’s 30,000 procured from ZTE, it would be a total of 120,000 pre-paid meters. This brings it to a total of 120,000 meters and also sums up our yearly target of 120,000 pre-paid meters to customers.”

He stated further that ‎the metering of electricity consumers is at the core of the privatisation process, which aids transparency of payment on energy consumed by customers. He disclosed that the meters will be deployed to areas where enumeration has been carried out by the AEDC, prelude to metering.