Nigeria’s power ministry has disclosed that 400 families in Gnami and Pakau communities in Kaduna state have reportedly enjoyed non-stop clean electricity supplied to them by two solar photovoltaic systems worth 90 kilowatts (kW) for about two years now, OGN reports.

The ministry stated in Abuja that the systems – a 40kW and 50kW off grid solar mini plants, were installed in Gnami and Pakau respectively by the ministry. It said the 40kW solar system in Gnami consisted of a generation system; distribution system; house installation system; street light and metering system, which currently supplies nonstop electricity to 100 households.

The 50kW system in Pakau, it noted was a Renewable Energy Micro Utility (REMU) that provides clean power to 300 households. This system, it added operates on a mobile electronic payment system with provision for at least ten business or commercial customers.